17 Apr 2011

Piss poor care!

Well dee Cap about to get up dis morning when dee Jumbie send meh a link to the article in the Guardian ‘Medics Fail Chrystal’. [BTW both ah we now on SGS1]

Needless tuh say dee Cap came alive within seconds of reading the first few lines of the article. As allyuh know dee Cap had predicted certain things in here: Now the mark buss. The first three of my predictions have of course come through, and it appears that all will soon be coming through.

Notice that the Guardian uses the word ‘medics’. Well yuh might t’ink “So what?”. It just goes back to my thing about how jackasses on dat Rock could use words however dey want. Medic means doctors or people who are about to become doctors. No – it doesn’t refer to nurses. But some o’ you will say in yuh true Rock logic “Nah.. I know loadsah ppl who does use it tuh mean norses”. Well I know some people who does call ‘black’, white. Yuh know ‘black i’s white’ nuh!!

The issue in this Guardian article is that “medical staff” – nurses and doctors – have come in for a beating. But also as I predicted the ‘government’ will be in the firing line. “Which govament?” you bawl. Allyuh favourite one nuh.. dee one allyuh vote een before dis PP one nuh.

In essence the Gafoor Enquiry was allowed to gather dust – and allyuh was treated to ‘ketchass healthcare’ in the words of Dr Manning (the neonatologist – and P**rick’ sister). When allyuh start deading and ketching nuff ass – allyuh finally begin to wake up and smell dee corfee (aka coffee). Daize dee way allyuh like it. So said the Cap many moons ago.

But I don’t really think the PP are blameless in any of this. Dey busy scoring points wid dis report.. all that they see in the report they could have known before. Why did they need such a tragic death to spur such an enquiry? They didn’t. If was dee Cap at the helm  - you wouldah had a fresh investigation into the Nation’s healthcare on day 2 of taking office. Buh as a say so many times before.. dee likes o’ me doh make it into politics. Why? I doh speak softly or nicely – and allyuh like ppl who does say nice t’ings and feck up allyuh country. Enjoy what allyuh harvest.

Jes when yuh t’ink ah done – I eh done. One more prediction – dat latest report eh go make no difference to Obstetric services in the country over the next 2 years. How ah so confident? I know how dey like to spin top in mud nuh – whuh yuh t’ink.