26 Apr 2011

Religious Trickster dies..

Well yes, as dee Cap always says – is a good t’ing dey have a t’ing called death oui. Yep – for some it’s sad news that Sathya Sai Baba is dead. For the Cap, it’s new day – finally people are free-er from delusion.

Loadsah people all rong dee world mourning for the death of God on earth. Some on Dongkey Rock paying homage an’ all kinda t’ing. As a say before in different ways people doh really want to be cured of their state of self-deception/self-delusion. It is far more comforting to know that SSB was in fact Gord.

Gord so dohtish boy? Look at dis video below. Yeah ah know some will start up how i’s American propaganda and dat daize not really SSB in dee video – watch. Yeah – and all dem ppl on dat stage dey is trained American actors right?

Well – it was and will always be a loadah blasted nonsense. SSB was not God! I say he was a big conman. And I hearby invite God to re-write dis blog and send bolts o’ lightning for my ass if I is wrong!!

I dissing yuh religion? Eh? Come again. I eh say nothing bout yuh religion! I say dee man is a trickster. Eef yuh religion happen to like tricksters daize your business. Dee Cap tells it like it is – even tuh Gord.