4 Apr 2011

Samsung keyloggers–a matter of trust?

It turns out that the story about Samsung installing keyloggers in their laptops was incorrect.

The ’security expert’ in question [who ‘discovered’ the ‘keylogger’ while using VIPRE antivirus], Mohamed Hassan, holds many degrees including the initials MSIA, CISSP, and CISA, and is with the Norwich University Center for Advanced Computing and Digital Forensics. Yet he relied on a security product and the results as provided by the software, without properly investigating the matter further and before providing his results.

The 'false positives were generated by an empty directory created for the Slovakian language by Microsoft Live messenger (C:\Windows\SL). It is this same directory that is created when the StarLogger software is installed.

What was also disturbing was his report of a conversation with a Samsung employee who allegedly confirmed that a keylogger was being placed on its laptop computers.

The employee had confessed that the keylogger was installed to track the computers’ usage and performance.

The question is… do we go back to trusting Samsung? Me, I’ll still stick with Acer or HP.