19 Apr 2011

Why Monkey Island will always be Third World

One of the very first topics taught in law is how laws are made. There are several ways, including ‘judge made law’ but law is also made through statutes… that is, Acts of Parliament (and delegated legislation).

I want to concentrate on Acts of Parliament for a specific purpose which I will get to in a little while.

Acts of Parliament start off as a Bill. Bills are then debated in several stages, amendments made as necessary, and finally the Bill is assented to and becomes law as an Act.

Everywhere except in Trinidad and Tobago.

In England, Acts are assented to by the ‘Queen’ (in reality a committee). In Trinidad and Tobago, by the President.

Once Assent is given, it is considered law. But not in Trinidad and Tobago as I said before. No, in Monkey Island, it must be ‘proclaimed’ which is something I am not aware of… possibly a procedure whereby a town crier (or one of those cars with the ‘mike’ on top) going from town to town and village to village and informing the people that the Act is now law.

Police were unable to press charges under the Dangerous Dog Act of 2000 as that legislation was never proclaimed.

And that folks, is the gist of why Trinidad and Tobago, despite the struggles of a few to enlighten the masses, will always remain a fucking third world country.

Only in Monkey Island.