2 Apr 2011

WTF going on?

2 WTF situations jumped up in front of my eyes this morning.

The legislation, which has a five-year sunset clause which will ensure it is reviewed after that period, allows for any child suspected of gang membership or offences to be detained for up to six days by police without charge. It also allows persons over 18 who are charged to be detained without bail for up to 120 days.

Membership of a gang is made a summary offence punishable by ten years imprisonment for first time offenders. Multiple offences will face an indictable offence and 20 years imprisonment. Police officers who aid gangs by leaking information or renting firearms face 25 years imprisonment as do persons who lead gangs.

Keep in mind, a ‘child’ in the Bill is defined as a person under 18. I’m not sure what the age of criminal responsibility is on the Rock (in England it is 10 years), but imagine a 10, or 12 years old being held for 6 days without charge.

  • The ministry appointed panel investigating the circumstances of the death of 29-year-old Chrystal Ramsoomair at the San Fernando General Hospital will examine whether there were any breaches of protocols and practices were breached. The focus will be on systems and processes.

This to me is a ready made excuse to let the medical personnel involved in the death off the hook. Once more, MPATT and the medical fraternity wielding the big cudgel they built for themselves over the years. The same happened in the NCRHA after the death of a baby – all medical staff escaping unscathed.