10 May 2011

First World, Third World… and Monkey Island

North Yorkshire's Chief Constable has admitted disreputable conduct, the BBC has learned.

It follows allegations that Grahame Maxwell helped a relative gain unfair advantage in a police recruitment campaign.

A disciplinary tribunal is expected to meet later to decide whether Mr Maxwell should be sacked.

He is thought to be the first chief constable to face gross misconduct charges in more than 30 years.

Now, do you think in Monkey Island something so ‘slight’ will have such a far-reaching consequence? We have this morning a Minister helping her husband and son obtain a Government contract through a company she partially owns.

We have a duncey owning 7 pit-bulls, that yesterday killed a woman by ripping out her throat! Think anything will come out of that? I don’t, not after reading something like this:

Newsday understands that the police corporal was not home at the time of the attack and when he heard the news, went to the scene but was quickly whisked away by his police colleagues to the Chaguanas Police Station.

Right now, I feel we cyah even make Third World status.