10 May 2011

Jack be nimble


Most monkey Islanders will recognise the ‘monkey’ on the left. He has been up to several unsavoury tricks in the past, like selling World Cup Football tickets in the black market, giving his sons lucrative contracts, failing to pay the Soca Warriors for their World Cup performance, etc.

Now it turns out more monkey pants is in order

FIFA vice-president Jack Warner asked for money - suggested to be £2.5m - to build an education centre in Trinidad with the cash to be channelled through him, and later £500,000 to buy Haiti's World Cup TV rights for the earthquake-hit nation, also to go through Warner.

This is not the first time Jack Warner (described by website ‘Transparency in Sport’ as Thief of Thieves) has been outed as corrupt, and I doubt it will be the last.

A sad day indeed when a crook of this calibre reaches the arms of a PM only too willing to get involved with him.