27 May 2011

Just fluff

I have not been posting regularly on this blog for a number of reasons. First of all, my brother is here from Trinidad on a visit. Secondly, I have assignments running out my rear end… a whole lot of reading (I have nearly 40 text books for 2 courses running from February to October). And finally, this year, Punks finally turned 13… entering the teenage years.

Yesterday was her actual birthday and we took her to her favourite Chinese restaurant for sushi, which she loves… I don’t see the need to charge extra to eat boiled rice wrapped in raw fish, but hey, they do charge extra per person. I told Punks I had rice at home and I could have bought her a whole slab of raw fish… she could have stayed home and knocked herself out. We’d have saved about £90 for the evening out. The things we do for our kids… at least, the things I do for mine…

Anyway, I am on a countdown as well since I am visiting Trinidad when my brother is going back. We’re booked on the same flight. After being married last year and separated from Mrs Jumbie since, it’s time I paid her a visit. After all, my anniversary is next month. (^_~)

Of course, I have to tote my text books and my laptop and gifts… Anyway, that’s my small update. Time to get back to housework.