2 May 2011

Like a menstrual period..

I’m likened to a menstrual period – that thing that women in general hate, yet need to define their femininity – and which humanity seems to need until procreation in ‘test tubes’ becomes the norm.

WTF am I on about dis time? And you wonder if I’ve finally gone stark raving mad, finally!! Hey – the Cap knows what you’re gonna think before you think it. I better dan Sai Baba oui! Winking smile

Well yuh know yuh always have tuh wait fuh it eh. What I mean is that ever so often – repeatedly like a menstrual period nuh - I revisit and revise things that are of deep personal value to me. I re-etch on my soul ever deeper, certain thoughts and values. This morning, my subconscious directed me to revisit some poems that I had blogged before. I share them again via the YouTube clips below. I am re-inspired to continue on my ‘path’.