14 May 2011

nastiness too in a first world country...

I does have tuh laugh oui! Ah mean dis country – Englan’ nuh – have all dis high tech, great transport and engineering systems, great health service, and yet quite a fraction of dis society behaves like blasted animals. I’ve written about dis before. Ah mean is like dey should be treated more like animals, you might t’ink. Well in another sense if you trying to bring people out of being like animals you have to up their game, instead of treating dem as dey deserve.

You mus’ be wondering what on earth sparked the above thoughts. Well, it’s the contrast between the photo below and the first world health system I recently encountered.


Eef you normally indigenous to dis first world nation you eh go see nuthn wrong in dat picture. I was passing in my car, stopped in traffic and saw this (left). And I began wondering many things: “What dee ass she sitting dey in the middle of a public footpath for? Is she crying? Is she ill? Ain’t she concerned about germs and dirt getting up she backside? Has she the education or intelligence to know that she shouldn’t be sitting there.

Well, August go be twenty-one years I over on dis side of the water – and it never fails to ketch my eye when I see people doing nastiness. See my comments under “Bitching about baths”.

Jes to be clear.. and to give a full scene to the picture. She was actually sitting calmly listening to her headphones and not in any distress. That much I could observe when I passed by. To the right of her is a bus stop, so she’s probably waiting on the bus. Other possibilities are that she could have a painful foot and desperately needs to sit right in the middle of the footpath.

Well I could reason too dat “I’s a free country and people can do as dey please, solongst dey eh break no law.” Absolutely! Ah mean dey eh have no law against nose-picking as yet. However, it is certainly inappropriate and unacceptable for people to be picking and flicking in public – innit? So my point is that in a free country people should still demonstrate a degree of awareness, appropriateness and intelligence. Note though that appropriateness is often defined (in large part) by what is customary amongst the herd.

And deese people go sit dey on dat grong and go home and sit on dey settee (aka sofa or somik), put dey feet up on dee settee.. all kinda nastiness. One t’ing ah know, I doh have all kinda weird people visiting my house. I cool so oui.