11 May 2011

Nice li’le set up

Well yes.. dee Cap real good oui. See dat simple shot below.

2011-05-10 17.45.32

That is my 22-inch computer screen  attached to the wall in my bedroom. The cables go to the computer which is on the floor and out of sight.

Sub-woofer is below the bed!! Computer and sound are controlled by wireless mouse and keyboard.

On top the screen sits my video-cam. So Cap can video conference from comfort of the bed. [Ah few perverts gettin’ some strange perverted ideas as we speak. I jes know it.]

That picture on the screen is TV. Double clicking on the TV display will make TV into a smaller (resizeable) window, so I can check emails etc on the side. Many TV sets suffer by reflecting light sources in rooms. This screen is much better than a dedicated TV, because it does not reflect light coming through windows or any bulb in the room. That was the first very noticeable thing.

This set up allows me to view a TV channel while recording on another. Or I can view and listen to two at the same time. Flipping through channels is done by rolling the mouse wheel.

This computer can stream sound or video to any other computer on the home wireless network.

Why did I do this? Well although I can go out there and buy 5 of the latest TV sets, I doh like was’ing money. The setup above gives really good TV quality. I mean one o’ them fancy TV out there of the same size screen would probably cost at least £800. I did the above for only £30.