1 May 2011

Western propaganda targets guru

I start from the position of how I imagine a devotee might view this. First I believe completely that Sai Baba is God materialised on earth. Well that’s not grammatically correct. I should say ‘was God’ – as the man is now dead. [See: Religious Trickster Dies]. Next I would also believe that all the ‘miracles’ of materialisation and healing are true. My position would be, that unless one had faith, it would not be possible to see the truth.

Keep your eye on the alleged ‘murder’ – if you can. It’s a massive American hoax! America is afraid of anything – including God – that may impact on it’s image of being all powerful – ain’t it?

Explains how the miracles are performed.

The full text of the commentary is derived from the Sri R.K. Karanjia of Blitz News Magazine in September of 1976.

To believers the ‘miracles’ of materialisation are true and real. Matter is created from nothingness – in breach of all the known laws of nature. That’s the thing – ‘the known laws of nature’ – and surely God is powerful enough to create other laws that we don’t know about, so as to create something from nothing.

What’s this? Sex abuse?
Did you hear ‘murder’. As a believer–it’s all a set up.
The people in the movie who suggest a murder that was covered up – are all paid actors! Right?