28 May 2011

Who counsels the counsellors?

A colleague said, “It has not been easy for us because she is very close to all of us. She is such a good person and we are traumatised by what has happened. The mood right now is sombre in here. We have asked to be counselled and arrangements are being made at this time.”

I got that sentence from this news article. The first thing that came to mind is that the person is claiming everyone is traumatised  over the death of a co-worker and they ‘demanded’ counselling. Now, having undergone counselling myself in the past, I can tell you it isn’t to be scoffed at. It does work, for some.

But to have counselling demanded by co-workers is a bit much, in my opinion. For one thing, I doubt the degree of ‘trauma’ will be severe enough to warrant it. My personal opinion is that it’s a way to frigging waste time away from the job and get paid for it.

Two weeks ago, I received a phone call from Trinidad which let me know one of my close friends committed suicide. I didn’t expect that from him. In fact, since I am visiting soon, I heard he was all excited over my forthcoming visit and was busy making plans to lime. So his death was as much a surprise to me as well as to his family, from what I gather. Will they be able to demand counselling? Will I?

The fact is, not every bit of bad news warrants counselling. I notice a trend that every incident reported in the newspapers, counsellors are demanded or sent. I guess those poor people (the counsellors) must be so overworked by now, they need counsellors of their own. Who counsels the counsellors?