19 Jun 2011

Another Lovely amber liquid


Well yes, one of dee crew bought dis for me as a gift! Amber liquors – except piss – usually brings a smile to my face. Buh boy, dis one was especially good. Yuh doh drink dis t’ing wid Cokes, boy! In fact yuh doh drink it! Yuh sip it lightly. Noooooh.. yuh doh put ice in it. Nah.. and we doh was’e a drop givin’ any tuh dee ‘spirits’ – dem dead and gorn.. none fuh dem. Open-mouthed smile

Ah mean lorning about Scotch (aka Whiskey) is somet’ing I had to start from scratch wid ova here, eh. Interestingly when I was in Dundee (in Scotland) last week, I recalled (back in 1999) being taught by bar staff in a Scottish pub, how to savour dis t’ing. I’s like lornin’ how to boray some curry alloo wid some roti nuh. Yuh get it? Somebody have tuh teach yuh.