10 Jun 2011

Another ‘yard fowl’..Beauty. Brains?

Well ah done know what dee Jumbie go say eh. Dee man tas’e box spoil.. bad.. bad.  Open-mouthed smile

Betcha he eh know who dis is. All now so dee words ‘some yard fowl’ goin’ through he head!!

Tell ‘im? Okay.. ah to gell him. Check http://www.tasmin.tv/ 

Well, beauty and brains seldom come in dee same package. Errrh.. yuh t’ink I care for Oxford graduates.. look nuh. Degrees doh mean yuh have brains, as per real intelligence.

Read about the nude pics – or is that the fine line between ‘cupid’ and ‘chupid’?

I don’t know what does wrong wid uman nuh. Why dee ass dey have tuh get intuh dis kinda t’ing. Doh lemme start about what she name Ayongchee.

Why uman does trus’ man to take pics of dem in dee nude, me eh know. Somebody out dey explain it tuh meh tah. Well yes – ah know bout when uman go ‘chupid’ – ah actually looking for something that gives a bit more dan mere chupidity.