27 Jun 2011


This morning, the newspapers (and television reports no doubt) are filled with changes the PM (KPB) made yesterday during her Cabinet reshuffle.

Now, a complaint by Congress of the People (COP) has been made, essentially that COP members have been sidelined.

Funnily enough, COP would have been better off had it gone to the polls alone. Now, it is saddled (and tarnished) with the politically tainted UNC. Think Reshmi Ramnarine, Sasha Mohammed and Jack Warner and you will realise that when I predict KPB will NEVER win another election in Trinidad (I see return of PNM, as COP has f*cked itself up its own arse) I can safely be sure my prediction will come through. PNM does indeed have loyal supporters.

Now Mrs Jumbie is a staunch UNC supporter... we never see eye to eye on politricks in Trinidad. Me... I supported COP and do support the idea (note that well) that COP stood for - new politics. Whether I will continue to support COP in light of its newfound spinelessness is doubtful. Like many in this nation, I am minded that there is no difference between Manning's hubris and KPB's silence... merely another side of the cloak, so to speak... one is alike as the other.

COP's sidelining has a far reaching consequence for a number of reasons. One, it clearly points to just how important COP is in the minds of the PM and the UNC executive. Two, it clearly points to the importance of COP as a partner in the coalition... about as useful as a second arse-hole. Should COP withdraw from the coalition, the UNC will go it alone (the rest of the 'partners' don't count since they never had a voice or importance... it was mere patronage they were included. The longer COP hangs with the UNC, the worse it becomes tarnished.

The best choice would be to cut loose, and work on becoming both Opposition (in the sense of a replacement to the PNM) and a viable alternative Government-in-waiting. There remains approximately 4 years till another general election - use that time to convince those undecided, those who are fed-up and disenchanted, those who seek better for themselves and their children/grandchildren... but alas, I have little faith that COP will grow a spine.

So we are saddled with a government just as corrupt as the PNM, and just as arrogant. With all the changes, things remain the same.

By the way, as an aside... I want to point out that whenever changes are made to Ministries (renaming, shuffling etc), it comes at a cost, in financial terms. So all these changes will cost us, the tax payers, in real dollars and cents...