8 Jun 2011

Dam dohtishness again

Look, I doh know eef is jes me nuh – but check dis cuhraap in Newsday 2011-06-07: AG’s Opinion yet to reach Health Ministry

Some ah allyuh dong on dat rock mus’ be sucking allyuh teet’ and goin, “So what!?” Well exactly - allyuh cyah see dee point because allyuh used tuh dis cuhraap about one part of dee govament eh knowing what dee next about.

Like ah does wonder if it have email and fax and dem supm dong dey oui. Why dee ass dey cyah jes email dee blasted report over to dee Min of Health. Yuh really believe is because dey eh have paper, or dat dey internet break dong or some shit like dat? Doh make me cuss here nuh!

Well eef I was Ramlogan I was go be kickin somebody ass as to why dey couldn’ email for fax dee blasted report to dee Min of Health. And eef dey didn’t have email or fax, yuh mean tuh say dey couldn’ print dee dam ting and sen it in van? Doh tell meh.. dee printer break dong, and dee van driver was sick. Look, I fed up oui.. is always some kind a dam dohtish excuse on dat rock for some jackass in a govament department not receiving important documents. I wasn goin’ have dat shit eef I was in govament..

As a say before (WTTE) eef yuh want a country straighten out put me in charge!! All criminals will leave dee nex’ day. And all who lazy will be put in a boat and sent offshore – and dee coastgyard will sink dee boat nuh…what yuh tink.. is a joy ride dong dee islands I sen’in dem for? Jeezaaan ages.. allyuh eh know me by now or what.