30 Jun 2011

Hollywood crap again..

Guess what? Dookeran acting as PM!! Hold on.. guess why?

Because KPB goin’ tuh a Caricom Conference in St. Kitts tomorrow. Guess how far St. Kitts is from yuh favourite Rock? Yuh eh know do you? Well i’s 473 miles (see here).

So – fuh jess under 500 miles dong dee road and an hour and twenty minutes away, big gyallary boy – Dooks have tuh act!! Big friggin deal. You ever hear Cameron or Obama givin over sumbody tuh act when dey jes fly 2 hours away. Doh talk gobarr here nuh.

Nex’ ting somebody go tell meh is about supm wid dey laws on dee Rock – as eef I wouldnah thought bout dat. Look, I done pass dat straight long time. Ah tell allyuh a’ready, I head straight fuh ‘substrata’ – is dey friggin small minded mentality dat have laws or whuhever, behaving like third world animals.

Ah guess if KPB dee have PJ (as per Private Jet) t’ings mightah been diffrent. Now sumbody t’ink I recommending dat she get ah private jet – boy I does have tuh laugh oui. Look, ah referring tuh a certain PM nuh who had intended to spend 60 million on PJ. I eh able. Allyuh continue tuh act. I gorn.