20 Jun 2011

How to Kill Bing!!!

You know Microsoft really gets on my nerves. Like I discovered that Bing Bar was running in the background and soaking up 2 – 4 % of my CPU resources. So CPU was running at round 7% most of the time whilst doing nothing.

After 30 mins of trying nothing worked to kill this thing permanently. Killing it in Task Manager is only a temporary measure. Uninstalling? No good – it wasn’t in ‘Control Panel’. Ahhh – but it was present as a disabled add-on in IE9. I just had to murder this thing.

Anyways, I searched around on the net and finally came up with a solution. I found Revo Uninstaller Pro. That allowed me to do ‘Force Uninstall’ (FI). FI allowed me to select the file that runs Bing from the ‘Progams’ folder. Then in a few clicks Revo found all the registry entries for Bing – must be about 60!! Then it rooted them all out. Oh and get this – it does a System Restore point automatically before rooting out.

Then Revo found all remaining folders where Bing may have lodged itself and allowed me to select them for the kill! Man this felt good.

Restart computer – and Bob’s yurr uncle!! Bing is gone!! Permanently. No more leeching of my CPU resources. Now my CPU is relaxed at round 0 – 3% most of the time.

May Bing roll in it’s grave!! Hey Bill, you need to talk to your people! Bill? Bill Gates nuh!! Jeezzzzz!!