3 Jun 2011

The Marshmallow experiment

How dis video have any connection to what’s next – you will wonder. Ahh but the Captain’s mind works in mysterious and different ways – as some have discovered. Here goes. As many know, Jumbie is dong on dee Rock for a while. I still up here in the UK – nah doh worry I eh movin’. Open-mouthed smile

Dis morning dee Jumbie crossed my mind when I read Three Women Die in Crash. I was tellin him dee odda night dat he need tuh keep ducking and diving, in relation to somebody being struck by a stray bullet from a Duncey’s gun.

The main risks to anybody on dee Rock would be:

  1. Being shot
  2. Ending up dead in a road crash
  3. Being a victim of some violent crime other than gun related.
  4. If you’re a woman, being the victim of some sexual offence.

The statistics on the above are not arguable, simply because they greatly exceed same in a first world country. A tourist blundering onto dee Rock without doing any research might think that such a Rock would be a quiet tropical paradise. They would be sadly mistaken.

By now a few wondering w’at dee ass dee above had tuh do wid ‘The Marshmallow Experiment’. Hol’ on nah man – all will become clear. Allyuh like t’ings too fas’.

What I’m interested to see is to what extent dee Jumbie’s mind may be reshaped by dee sweetness of life dong dey – kinda like dee marshmallow nuh (in a manner of speaking). The Cap knows only too well how the sweetness of traditional food, loadsah famaly, ‘wine, women and song’ can have on a man’s mind (or woman’s mind for that matter).

Dis time he dong dey is expected to be quite different. Why? Because of late he’s become more open about  a particular personal thing e.g. “After being married last year and separated from Mrs Jumbie since, it’s time I paid her a visit. After all, my anniversary is next month.” Of course, ‘substrata’ – being a non-existent concept for ‘im – excludes ‘im from such exploration – like a person born blind being unable to explore the colours of the rainbow.Thinking smile

The Cap visits readily the world of the ‘unconscious’ – noooooh boy, ah not talking about unconscious people [Jeezaaan ages.. some people chupit no ass oui]. Google unconscious mind (as per my concept of ‘substrata’). Well scientific research has brought to the fore, what psychoanalysts have known for quite sometime i.e. that our perception of conscious self-control is very very overrated. Our conscious self-control is quite often orchestrated imperceptibly by the unconscious. [I eh into ah debate about whedda subconscious equates to unconscious – too elementary fuh me nuh – and I doh teach].

So – we shall see. Will he take the ‘marshmallow’ now or delay? Where exactly is the ‘marshmallow’? The kids in the experiment knew it was confined to a room and a plate in front of them. It was defined for them. However, in ‘real life’ we always have the freedom re-define where our ‘gratifications’ will come from, where will be greater etc – and what factors override all decisions about anything. Well – so we think – or not, if one accepts a silent conductor of the soul to our seemingly conscious existence.

Keep ducking and diving. And ah know dee Jumbie go lick up some doubles, and real homemade curry chicken fuh meh. LOL.