13 Jun 2011

More Monkey Island chicanery

On Saturday, I travelled from North Trinidad to San Fernando. This means I came down the Solomon Hochoy Highway. I sat in the front seat of a Toyota Cressida. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised that the driver was not one of those mad, too eager driver who sped recklessly. He drove safely, but that is not the point of this post...

What struck me, sitting on the front seat with a good clear view of the road, was the utter paucity of the paving on the highway. Keep in mind this is the major road linking north and south Trinidad, the equivalent of a motorway, or autobahn. Granted, they are doing road works... but the areas that aren't being fixed has such poor paving, ripples and humps and potholes, that I am amazed. I have hardly ever seen a road in England that is not as smooth as a baby's powdered backside.

Even the areas that are currently being paved have the same poor quality paving. I shake my head in dismay at the poor standards shoved down the throats of Rockians, and which they accept as willingly as a shaft up the nether hole. Had they demanded more, things like this will never happen.

Speaking of poor paving, remember Jusamco and the Tobago runway issue? Guess what? When I touched down in Tobago, I saw mountains of material, Jusamco trucks and equipment, all ready to begin the airport upgrade. So the same company that ripped off the country with poor quality work, several times, has been chosen to once again do an 'upgrade' for which, I have no doubt, we will be paying for some considerable time to come.

Only on Monkey Island, oui.