24 Jun 2011

Movie Towne attack

Dear Friends and Family,

This is what unfolded at Movie Towne P.O.S. on Saturday 18th June 2011 @ 11.55pm. My brother-in-law and sister were almost brutally MURDERED on the western side of Movie Towne car park. As the evening unfolded, I had a dinner party to attend however my son called me up and asked me to join him, my sister and my brother-in-law at Movie Towne POS to view the movie "X-men" at 9.15pm. Without hesitation I did. Excellent movie by the way.

The movie ended at 11.40pm and we all walked out towards the car park. We first walked my son to his vehicle to make sure he was safe. Then I turned to my sister and said "let me drop you to your vehicle." We were busy talking and without realising it I exited Movie Towne. My brother-in-law then said to me "don't worry we would walk back inside, the car is just over there opposite Excellent Stores on the western side," (a stone throw away from the security booth). I pulled to the side and they exited my vehicle and proceeded to theirs. I then called my sister on her cell phone while they were en route to their vehicle as I was feeling very uneasy for some reason. We chatted as they walked and as they got into their car she said "ok, we're in the car, everything is cool". I said ok, hanged up and proceeded towards the traffic lights.

In that fraction of a second as we both got off the phone and she turned towards her husband, she saw a very thin, young negro chap pointing a 38 calibre long nose at her husband's head. The criminal shouted "open your f****ing door or ah go shoot all yuh!" On her side of the vehicle were two more negro men trying to open her door and diagonally behind was a White B-13 with a driver. My brother-in-law at that instance put his glass down only to receive a gashing blow with the gun to his forehead. The bandit then pushed the gun into his chest and he (my brother-in-law) grabbed it placing one of his finger behind the trigger and holding the barrel securely. With death facing both of them in the face, the bandit continued to hit him continuously with a metal object bursting his head open in several places. While this ordeal was taking place, my sister some how managed to call me on the cell screaming hysterically "they killing him, they killing him... help...help!" I immediately spinned my vehicle around and drove straight over the median towards Movie Towne exit. As I approached the guard booth I saw my brother’s-in-law vehicle approaching and as he came to a stop there was blood everywhere. Blood was gushing out of his head and my sister was still screaming hysterically and shaking. He was then hastily taken to West Shore Medical.

The security at Movie Towne was of NO HELP. One security guard said to me "these things does happen sir!" Another security guard when I asked if they were not going to ward off the area said "them fellas gone already, sir!" CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? Then when I asked about the surveillance tape(s), they said "I not sure that working nah". I could not believe my ears. Is this the kind of security that Mr. Derek Chin provides at Movie Towne, P.O.S? The safety of people that puts dollars in this man's coffers apparently seem to be insignificant to warrant proper security facilities to protect their well-being. The restaurants and shops that are so well patronized means absolutely nothing. Should the new branding be "Come To Movie Towne, P.O.S. At Your Risk !" ?

Is this the kind of place we're going to let our children and wives go too ? Are we going to wait until one of our family members are brutally raped and murdered to do anything about this situation ? Do you want to be brutally beaten like my brother-in-law was ? Please ask yourself these questions before venturing there !

It is obvious that the current security are either involved or not equipped or trained to ensure the safety of its patrons. Chin needs to do something NOW about this, IT IS RIDICULOUS !!! MY SISTER AND BROTHER-IN-LAW WAS ALMOST MURDERED . The police indicated to me that this is a regular thing that happens there and they try to keep it on the down low.

Then check this out, the very same night about one and a half hours later in the said car park when security should be on high alert due to what just previously happened, a young man is abducted at gun point, brutally beaten, tied up and thrown out of his vehicle in the Chaguaramas beach area for dead. His car that was stolen was taken to Cocorite, to be stripped and sold I was told.

I've been informed that a group comprising of nine young men that target the Movie Towne P.O.S. is supported by a well organised "King Pin". ALL YUH HEAR WHAT I SAYING, YOU MEAN CHIN COULD NOT GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS ! WHO NEXT ? WHO NEXT ? CHIN THIS IS YOUR "BREAD AND BUTTER", DO SOMETHING NOW !!!!!

I simply ask my family and friends to forward this e-mail to everyone they know so that this never happens to them at Movie Towne, P.O.S.

When I received the email (in green) above, I deleted it, thinking it was a hoax. However, this morning I came across the video that is embedded below, that give credibility to the email and story. Mr Chin’s statement regarding the ability of the victims to call on the phone while being attacked (towards the end of the video) is less than professional, self-serving and rather gross. But that’s just me.