14 Jun 2011

OF Dna and dog shit

Well I doz have tuh laugh oui – watch dis shit.. ah mean dey now have tuh use DNA tracking to ketch people who illegally allow dey dorg tuh shit on an exotic part of a Mediterranean island of Capri.

Basically everybody on the island will have to pass on and get their dog’s DNA onto a database. Some 1000 dogs are known to exist. Obviously if dey don’t have a dog it’s not an issue. Now if a pile of dog crap is found lying around, someone will pinch a tiny piece of it and send it for DNA testing. That DNA profile is then cross referenced to a dog owner who then receives the brunt of the law – a 2000 Euro fine!! Sounds right to me. I doh like dorg shit!!

Read about it in Daily Mail 2011-04-11.