17 Jun 2011

Pub woes again!

The two bills below tell a story about me in pub – again.

This was the bill they presented me with.

This bill below is after dey adjusted it.


Notice (left) the ‘£1.75’ for pepper sauce, and the total of £19.04

Notice dey take out the £1.75, after I make a point of it. Read on.

Now why am I frettin for £1.75 when I could easily throw dat away every day widout a problem? Look, dis is a matter of fairness and principle – i’s not jes about money, boy!

No – what get me hot was dat when dee fella (aka waiter) served me dee steak, and he offered me pepper sauce and mustard, I said ‘thank you very much’. He eh say, for example, ‘That’ll be £1.75 extra for the pepper sauce’.

So I had a stern word with him. I said, “I have a problem with the bill… you didn’t say the words ‘ the pepper sauce would cost £1.75 extra’.” Well, he done know whey I coming from. I doh make joke nuh. He back off one shot. The response was “Sorry sir, I’ll take that off for you” – which avoided the Captain drawing a pistol and shootin’ up dee place!!

I’ll avoid going into issues of law of contract (offer, acceptance, consideration etc) – as ah say before I doh need to beat meh hairy ches’ tuh teach nobody – and feel hot about dat.

So the bill was amended and I paid what I agreed to pay. But that’s not the end of it. I was left thinking of how many people would feel hard to challenge this kind of sneaky attempt as I perceive it, to squeeze people pockets. They will no doubt pass it off as an ‘honest mistake’. Surely they must know that a certain percentage would say nothing. This reminds me when dey tried to sell we stale food in the Malt House.

No man, dey want to play mind games. They quick to bawl sorry and refund etc – jes to keep quiet, those who object. But reality is that those who keep quiet get ripped off. I reckon that probably 75% of people who are overcharged or given poor service say nothing in England. If that is correct – and I don’t know – then it is a potential big earner.

Look – yuh see me, I wuks hard for my money – and I doh see why I should accept crap service and rip-offs. I eh taking dat shit!