21 Jun 2011

Sasha, Jack and some ponderings

Okay, Jack Warner is now officially resigned from FIFA. See here and here.

What does this mean? Well, I thought up some answers to that… and yes, I could be wrong, but this blog’s history has me more right than wrong, so let’s go with that trend, nuh. (^_^)

  • Despite the presumption of innocence until proven guilty, this is one situation where guilt stinks to high heavens. Especially in the light of FIFA’s statement, the last line which reads: “As a consequence of Mr Warner’s self-determined resignation, all Ethics Committee procedures against him have been closed and the presumption of innocence is maintained.” Innocence is maintained??
  • Jack often boasted of his lucrative income from FIFA… Remember, he fought tooth and nail to remain in FIFA after being elected, going so far as to get many legal opinions from his friends to support him. Yet, he willingly gives up FIFA income for an MP’s salary of "$1” (remember, that is all he accepts – I guess that shit going to change soon – as he swore to give the remainder to charity or his constituency or something like that).
  • Jack now is full time in Government here, in charge of a BIG ministry where money talks… I dare say he will make up income somewhere. I wrote at the time that Jack Warner is a man recognised as a thief in many circles. Putting cat to watch butter as my great-grandma use to say.
  • The Sasha Mohammed affair of the threatening emails will now die a ‘natural’ death… and Sasha will remain as adviser to the PP Gov’t… by the way, it’s food for thought who is the father of Sasha’s baby (yes, she is pregnant). It makes sense that she is so protected once that info comes to light.

Doh worry folks, more to come… I still throwing line…