16 Jun 2011

Whale of an excuse!!

Well I tell yuh, when I want a good laugh I does jes have tuh check out Donkey Rock news, oui.

Get dis one - a man was given a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt. He went to court asserting that he had a lawful excuse i.e that his abdominal girth of 64 inches made it impossible to wear a seatbelt. See Newsday 2011-06-16. The magistrate – having seen the offending belly and a seat belt stretchin’ hard to cross it - conceded that it was not possible for dee man tuh drive comfortably.

The man was discharged and reprimanded, with a suggestion that he seek an exemption from wearing seat belts.

Well all I can say is dat quite probably on a fus (aka first) world Rock, you eh goin get off so lightly. I would ‘ave expected him to be fined. Over here you seek your exemption fus – yuh doh get orf so easy, pardners. Leh meh spell it out fuh yuh – eef yuh doh have yuh exemption, yuh ass dark! Get it now? No? Move on.. move on.