9 Jun 2011

What the hell is that??

As readers may know by now, I am down on the Rock. My location is secret, due to ample warnings from the Cap'n about flying bullets and stray penises. Also due to possible repercussions from potentially disgruntled dunceys.

Anyhow, last night I was watching the news on TV (yes, I am keeping up with the shenanigans of the Rockians) when I saw a clip about female students at St Augustine High School being strip searched for ganga... that's 'weed', not WASA's CEO.

Their ages? 12 and 13 years old, in Form 2 (Year 8 for those in UK).

No mention of that story in the Express or Newsday today though. The Guardian does have a small writeup.
As I commented on many an occassion, law breaking is rife on the Rock, by both criminals, and those assigned to protect u from criminals. Same thing really, since breaching the law makes a criminal. 

Yet another reason to aptly describe us as Third World.