22 Jun 2011

Why is dis anybody business?

Right – KPB Husband having a heart bypass operation. Daize dee latest. KPB  (Newsday 2011-06-22) and probably high and lower powered supporters praying left right and centre. KPB says “I always put god in front, and now I pray for him (Dr Bissessar)”.

Well, I had tuh laugh oui – as ah say when I need a laugh I does check out dee attitudes and thinking of Rockians in allyuh local news. Why a laugh? KPB – put gord in front? Always? And gord allowed KPB to make a ‘mistep’ wid dee Rehsmi Ramnarine story. Somebody betta have words wid Gord oui – ‘e doh talk tuh me.. ah could tell yuh now.

Errrh.. so what happens eef yuh doh pray for sumbody going under dee surgeons knife? Like dey go dead faster of complications or what? Yuh mean tuh say prayin’ will influence gord tuh gih individuals special treatment, and protection or what? Look, doh kill meh wid laugh here nuh.

Buh get dis – according to Newsday nine specialists operating on dee man for what appears to be coronary by-pass surgery of some kind. Doh start – yuh doh have tuh be a blasted doctor to understan’ dem ting. Well, I bettin’ dat eef was one o’ you out dey.. yeah you who pause from plantin yuh gyarden tuh read dis – you t’ink dey finding nine surgeons fuh you ass in a hospital. Look, doh make fun here nuh. And I bet dat eef you happen to be some bush coolie who lucky to get a bypass – you eh making no headlines pardners. Obvious – ain’t it.

As I always is say money, power and status – who you know and how knows you – determines what you get in life. Eef you is a nobody – yuh ketch yuh ass, queuing up wid braying animals in a dressed up dump like SGH. Eef yuh big, powerful and have connections – cable nuh – well boy you gets the best that St. Clair can offer.

Now – argue dee point.. but I doh t’ink we all born equal or are equal at all after birth.