3 Jun 2011

“You see lie; dat is lie”–King Liar

In  response to Anand Ramlogan:

I agree about the cover up part for a number of reasons:

(a) The initial reports indicated the consultant was no where to be found. He was not on the hospital premises (confidential sources indicate he was in private practice doing a caesarean section at the time). How can Anand say that he was in clinic?

(b) The initial reports also indicated it was the registrar who was in clinic not the consultant. There seems to be a cover up on the part of the AG to protect the consultant!!

(c) MPATT executive member Shehenaz Mohammed is also an executive member of the Medical Board, a serious conflict of interest. She therefore has a vested interest in a cover up and protecting fellow doctors, although if push comes to shove she would throw the nursing staff to the wolves.

(d) Dr Jehan Ali is on record saying that he was present on the ward seeing Mrs Ramsoomair pale and wan due to the excessive bleeding. He drew it to the attention of the nurses and doctor on duty who did nothing until it was too late.

(e) No vital signs were recorded post surgery!!

(f) The Attorney General also pointed out that since there was no dedicated porter to the Maternity Department the medical intern (Dr Ragoonath) had to take the samples of blood to the laboratory for testing and wait there to bring the blood and blood products back to the ward for the patient. "This meant that no intern was then available to assist in the resuscitation of the patient," Ramlogan said.

The medical team had a minimum of 5 members: consultant, registrar, house officer and 2 interns are normally assigned to a team. (News articles did indicate 5 doctors were suspended.) Where were the others if ONE intern was at the lab? Why were they not paged?

(g) The rosters for the period is a matter of public record, could be had under the Freedom of Information Act (hospitals are public institutions). It would be interesting to see who claimed compensation for the period in question!!

(h) The doctor who is most responsible is the consultant. Curiously, he is mentioned the least. Note again, he was not on the premises... private C section being carried out.

(i) Doctors operate as a business. Check with the Companies Registrar how many are actually registered as businessmen!!

(j) If this had happened in the private sector, the institution would have had its 'license' revoked immediately!!! Because it happened in the public sector, we have a massive cover-up. Is this because the public hospitals are run below standards?!

There is a massive cover up, by MPATT, the Medical Board (same members), and now the AG. I am glad he mentioned some negligence on the part of Jehan Ali, I hope Dr Ali shoves a shaft up his nether hole!! The AG indicated the referral was sub-par but the reasons cited amounted to an entire medical history!! No doctor includes a medical history in a referral. This is done when 'clerking' a patient by the admitting medic.

The reeks of a massive cover up but more importantly, it indicates that the public remains at the mercy of unconscionable doctors.

Oh by the way, how come last week MPATT was donating equipment at a cost of $12,000 per piece to SWRHA. Isn't it a conflict of interest for a Union to be donating equipment especially when they have to negotiate salaries for doctors? How come with a budget of over $3Billion, SWRHA cannot purchase equipment costing $12,000? Is the SWRHA Board assisting in damage control? Is this an orchestrated plan? The last public action by MPATT indicated they have no public sympathy. More damage control for MPATT itself?

The PP should realise partnering with the medics is a bad idea and will not serve the public's best interest.

I am no fan of the PNM, but at least they recognised MPATT's agenda and had no part in its machinations.