6 Jul 2011

Banking red tape… Or stupidity? Part two

This is a continuation of the episode at Royal Bank, Carlton Centre.

On Monday of this week, I went in to collect my cheque after closing off my accounts. Last week I was told to go directly to Miss Roopan and not wait in any line. That is what I did. When I entered the bank she was dealing with customers… A woman and her son. All well and good.

Twice during their transactions the son had to leave to go out for documents. Both times he took approximately 20 minutes to get back. Each time Miss Roopan stood there (doing nothing), looking at me standing just behind the customers and did not acknowledge me. After one and a half hours of waiting the previous customers finally left. I went up to the counter and she immediately asked me whether I came for my cheque. I responded in the affirmative.

Whereupon she opened a drawer in her desk and handed me an envelope. I enquired whether I had to sign anything to acknowledge receipt. She responded in the negative. The entire transaction took less than 30 seconds.

My question now is: if it was that simple, why on both occasions that the young chap left the bank, Ms Roopan did not ask for excuse and call me to the counter to hand me the cheque? Why keep me waiting for one and a half hours? No one at that bank seems capable of independent thought. I am glad I have gotten rid of the RBTT banking morons!

When people complain of customer service in Trinidad and Tobago, my new question is - "what customer service?"