17 Jul 2011


snap20110717_142210_bWhooohoooo!!!! The Cap is ever more ecstatic about SGS. Now see below. The Cap has installed the latest Galaxian Rom on SGS.

That graph is a Quadrant score output. Doh even start – all it means is that the processor efficiency is matched against performance of other people’s devices.

No – hol’ on.. dis is not over-clocking! This is not extra juice being pushed into the processor. This is just a more efficient tweaking of the Android OS.

Note that when people buy their SGS (Samsung Galaxy S) in the shops, they get it at around a Quadrant score of just over 750. Mine is now at 2708 – about three times the original processing power!! This is with the new Ext 4 partitions tweaked as well.

And note that my SGS now beats back everything on the market – and is more than double the average power of Nexus One 2.2.

Oh and the power management with Galaxian is really much better than Darky’s Rom.

Well as you can imagine – I’m overjoyed!

Jumbie need tuh play catch up. Ah hope he doh brick he HCD trying to do dis. Smile