31 Jul 2011

A generation of narcissists in the making

Recently I responded to this (left) on Facebook:

Immature, self-centred and selfish - probably written by a narcissist. The rubbish that people resonate with and pat each others back for - as if it's some kind of joke. Yeah call me names. It won't change anything external to self.

In the background some had a quiet word with me, that I shouldn’t be ‘so’ abrupt (or WTTE).

And amazingly a headline in the Daily Mail 2011-07-31 reads: Facebook and Twitter are creating a vain generation of self-obsessed people with child-like need for feedback, warns top scientist. For those who are too busy or would quickly dismiss this as ‘rubbish’, the article quotes Professor Baroness Greenfield, of Oxford University, former director of research at the Royal Institution. She said:

'What concerns me is the banality of so much that goes out on Twitter.

'Why should someone be interested in what someone else has had for breakfast? It reminds me of a small child (saying): “Look at me Mummy, I'm doing this”, “Look at me Mummy I'm doing that”.

'It's almost as if they're in some kind of identity crisis. In a sense it's keeping the brain in a sort of time warp.'

At this time a few minds are screaming the usual “not necessarily!”. That’s what we do when robust and authoritative opinion is thrust upon us. Next people will start going “But she’s a professor of Pharmacology, what could she know about any of this”. All this is down the to elusive ‘cognitive dissonance’. People on a certain godforsaken Rock will not be appreciative of the extensive knowledge that English professors acquire in public life. Rockians still have ideas of professors being locked in laboratories and playing with test tubes – innit? Well, Baroness Greenfield is an expert on brain research, and she is entitled to give opinion on anything that might affect the working of the brain. She has commented on the effect of Facebook back in 2009.

Well at this point the Cap is feeling quite chuffed about Baroness Greenfield’s comments, from two angles:

  1. I’ve clearly been pointing out the self-centred, narcissistic drift on Facebook for sometime and more recently as above.
  2. This is clearly related to the issue of ‘substrata’ i.e. that thing that is ‘unconscious’ that may become unconsciously programmed.

These ideas are definitely too high for average plebs and I do say that with some disdain. People are unable to rise outside of themselves to see a greater truth. They are unconscious and they are happy to be corralled unknowingly by forces they are oblivious to.

Perhaps you who’s reading this is in a state of disbelief. Perhaps you don’t like my style or what I say. You may not like Baroness Greenfield, and you may think that all this is a loadah ballyhoo. You’re entitled to your own views, as I am to mine. But you however are unknowingly at risk of having your being reshaped by a particular danger lurking in these websites. I say to you – please continue – move on. Don’t even waste time responding on this blog. God speed.