7 Jul 2011

Scary Lawyer

The Cap had some time yesterday to take een dee Enquiry into CL Financial and HCU.

I had to laugh though it was a serious matter. Haranarine’s lawyer Farid Scoon was grilling Sunita Ragoonanan – I mean really grilling. I saw no need for his manner and tone. All I could wonder is eef he feel he was in an American lawyer movie from back in dee 70’s. See Lawyer Scares off Witness – TT Express 2011-07-07.

He was crass, repetitive, mocking and patronising in my observations. His conduct was intent on causing intimidation of Sunita. I must say that Sunita held her own very well. She basically ignored Mr Loudmouth (i.e. Scoon). She bat him for 6! But lesser people than Sunita might have been shitting bricks in their seat.

I was disappointed that SIR ANTHONY COLMAN QC, did not pull up Scoon’s socks for his manner. Surely eef Scoon was behaving like that in England I would expect that he would have been given a dressing down.

Another thing I couldn’t understand, Scoon was no more than about 6 feet from Ragoonanan, so why dee ass he have to be shouting like dat? Now, I not in court so I could use words like ‘arks’, ‘dat’, ‘deese’ etc – but Scoon seemed to lack insight muchless for decorum. He was talking like eef he in a rumshop. What a blasted shame. Ah mean dee world could be looking een on dis.

Mrs Walker is dong on dee Rock at dee moment for a short visit. A barrister herself, she was cringeing at Scoon’s use of language and his manner (we were both watching live and commenting to each other over Google chat). Tell yuh dee truth – we would be shame to be considered Trinidadians – if anyone from the international community who had seen Scoon in action, met us. 

Today I most certainly keeping meh head low and speaking in an Indian accent, oui.