2 Jul 2011


Well yes – allyuh animals dong dey never fail to amuse me nuh.

A pardners on facebook was rejoicing how he reach back home – on a plane nuh – at 3AM in dee morning.

So I responded: “Jess doh head for dee beach at dat time unless you wanna get raped and buggered: http://www.newsday.co.tt/news/0,143194.html.” Who tell me say dat. Well ah uhman (aka woman) responded to dat with, “steupsssss”.

Ah guess I said dee wrong t’ing. Perhaps I’m meant to join in an’ sing how nice it is to be back on allyuh blasted Rock. Well, allyuh know dat would only happen on a cold day in hell!!

So – “steupssssss!!” back to all ah allyuh!!!