23 Aug 2011


THE EDITOR: I will appreciate a space in your newspaper to highlight a grievance I recently experienced.

As I was hustling on my way to work one morning, I decided to stop at the gas station to replenish my tank.

I was warmly greeted by one of the pump attendants who eagerly took my order which was $60 Super. As the gentleman filled my tank, as customary I ensured that $60 gas was filled into my tank. To my surprise the pump stopped at $50 and the attendant hurriedly walked away without even saying that he was finished. I immediately honked my horn, signalling that I gave him $60 and not $50. With a look of shock and guilt and without even double counting the money I gave him or even disputing that I may have given him $50, this guy quickly filled my tank for the additional ten and swiftly walked away.

I recount my experience to say this. That many folks while at a gas station don’t ensure that they are getting what they pay for. Many of these gas attendants steal a five and ten dollars here and there once you are not minding your business. So people be aware of these dishonest pump attendants who try to take advantage of us when we are not observant.

Natalie Eudovic

San Juan

Simple solution… pay after you fill up.