29 Aug 2011

Death threats and other things part 2

I was just looking at the TV news and saw that the AG, Anand Ramlogan, has requested ‘Granny Quila’ turn herself in to the police. As he said, despite feeling sorry for her (due to her young age) this matter is serious, and rises far above an out-of-control minor behaving badly.

I also saw Amery Browne (PNM MP for the area she lives in) commenting that the action of pursuing this as a criminal act is  ‘an assault, psychological and otherwise’ on ‘a child’. Hold on… was she a ‘child’ when she was doing such a nasty video which not only insulted the PM in the most debasing language and manner, but also threatened to ‘shoot up she MC’?

Amery Browne is just looking to score a few cheap points and yet I didn’t hear him protest when P**rick screwed over one PC Auguste.

Nah, I think she needs to be made an example of. A stern example. This is more serious than having an advance copy of an exam paper.

By the way, Samantha John and Diane Baldeo: the word is governMENT, not governMUNT.