28 Aug 2011

Death threats and other things

Hmmm. Is farseness take meh this morning, I gone looking for a video on YouTube. It’s been 2 days since I came online to read the newspapers, primarily because I found the news of the SoE boring, and I certainly don’t care if Irene washes North America into the sea… I was a bit taken aback to find out that death threats were made against the PM, Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

Apparently this one is legit, to the extent that there is some proof available, unlike those reported by a certain maniacal former ‘Christian’ PM.

So I went looking for “Granny Quila” on YouTube. Seems like the Cap’n foresaw my hunt, because the video was posted online by ‘CaptainWalkerSpeaks’.

And here is the apology:

Right now my neighbour is playing ‘mike’ at top volume. I grew up next to him and for years we have been plagued by this, plus tassa. I hate both with a passion now – only noise as far as I am concerned. Because of the noise, I can’t even listen to the video, even with headphones on. I wonder if I can report his arse for having illegal firearms (he does)…

I gone… can’t hear myself think.


The age of criminal responsibility is 7 years, the common law limit. The minimum age is not yet covered in statute [2nd periodic report: CRC/C/83/Add.12, 15 November 2004; http://www.right-to-education.org/country-node/533/country-minimum]. This makes her responsible as an adult for what she did.

Throw the damn book at her.