24 Aug 2011

Monkeying around on Monkey Island

Several points to note about the State of Emergency  and the ensuing state of affairs:

  • The curfew order was signed by Stephen Williams, who was NOT acting as Police Commissioner at the time he signed the order on Monday. He was appointed after lunch on Tuesday 23 August (yesterday). However, it is to note the appointment letter states that his appointment was to cover the period 19 – 23rd.
  • The ‘conspicuous’ absence of the CoP Gibbs and Deputy CoP Ewatski seems to be a ‘made up’ issue. Why is the Police Service Commission making an issue of his absence? Other than Ramesh Deosaran seeking to be in the limelight through mischief making, this seems to be a planned move by the PP Gov’t to have this State of Emergency declared while both were out of the country. Somebody say “set up”? Another nail in the coffin to get rid of the foreign white boys.
  • The choice of having the State of Emergency declared while Stephen Williams is top dog also seem suspect in that he appears to be readily compliant to the wishes of the government. This is not the first time I have observed that he is top dog when some distasteful action has to be taken.
  • A State of Emergency declared and only small fries getting rounded up. Not one single white collar culprit. Now is the time to round up Karen Tax-sharer, million dollar Monteil, duping Duprey, AK 47 Karamath et al… no bail in this SoE remember? No warrant needed either…

Only in Monkey Island we could have such disorganised organising…