27 Aug 2011

robobasket–why you need it

Robobasket is a neat Windows 7 64bit application that will sort your files – any files – whatever way you want.

This one is even better than running Amok. This will do all that Amok does and more – and better. The 64bit version is lightning fast. The Cap has been hunting for this thing for ages – and now has found it. Amma jumpin for joy!!!


10 reasons to use RoboBasket (according to their website)

  • Set-it-and-Forget-it solution for sorting files.
  • Create rules easily by drag and drop.
  • Filter files based on name, extension, date created, date last modified, size, kind and more other file attributes.
  • Filter mp3s or images using mp3 tags and EXIF information.
  • Perform actions like move, copy, rename, recycle, open, notify and more other actions.
  • Create individual rules set for different folders.
  • Quickly access RoboBasket from system tray menu.
  • Find files quickly by searching detailed actions log.
  • Save a lot of time and effort keeping files organized. RoboBasket can totally Pay for itself
  • Free support by email.

I’ve not seen another tool as good as this for sorting files. If you find better do shout about it.