10 Aug 2011

Steups!! The Will Of God meh foot.

All I could do when I read the first part of this story – ‘It’s the will of God’ - was to leggo a big fat steups.. like this: stttteeeeuuuppppppss!!!!

Whilst the death of the 8 yr old girl is so tragic and sad – I am equally distracted by the stupidity of her mother’s utterance, “I will miss her, but I accept that it was the will of God."

Well from tsunami, to floods, to dengue fever, to rats in your back yard – it’s all the ‘will of god’. Like God eh have nutn better tuh do wid s/he self. Doh make meh cuss here nuh!!

Ah gorn. Allyuh continue wid allyuh gobarrrr!!