10 Aug 2011

Taxing patience

Despite the promise of the PP (on the election platform) last year, the property tax is back

One would remember Karen ‘Tax-sharer’ trying to sell the tax increase to the population, based upon a ‘rental’ value of the property. This move was highly unpopular and was instrumental in the removal of the PNM and the rise of the UNC-led coalition.

Now the tax is back.

The Government has not sought to enforce the current legislation and has instead indicated that it plans to bring legislation repealing the Act passed in December 2009 and to re-establish the property tax at the old pre-2009 rates.

Now, if it is the old pre-2009 rate, all well and good. Me, I’m a sceptic. I foresee an increase and another broken promise.

Hence my mantra, this is Kamla’s first and last term in office.