6 Sept 2011

The piss on your back is nOT rain

Alleyne searched by police officers

By Vashtee Achibar Monday, September 5 2011

Crime Watch presenter Ian Alleyne was stopped and searched by police officers yesterday afternoon following a high-speed chase which began at Claxton Bay and ended near the Grand Bazaar intersection when his black SUV was finally intercepted.

Alleyne, another man and a former member of the Defence Force, said to be wanted in connection with several crimes, were ordered to lie on the ground and searched. The ex-soldier was taken into custody while Alleyne and his associate were allowed to leave.

The drama unfolded shortly after 2 pm on Saturday when a businessman, Dennis Ramdeen reported to St Margaret’s police that he was robbed of his vehicle and $800 in cash at Willow’s scrap Iron Yard in Claxton Bay by two gunmen.

A police exercise comprising Southern Division Police headed by Inspector Ramphal Gosine, members of the Crime Suppression Unit, Inter Agency Task Force and a platoon of soldiers under the command of second Lieutenant Wright from the La Romaine camp with aerial assistance from the Viper one and two helicopters went into action.

Acting on information the officers went to a house in the Forres Park district where they conducted a search and found an Italian Baretta sub-machine gun, five pieces of camouflage clothes and two gun belts.

During the search, the occupant of the house managed to run off, and was picked up by a black SUV. It was this SUV that was hotly pursued by police up the northbound lane of the Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway, and onto the Uriah Butler Highway where it was finally cornered by police.

The officers were shocked to see Crime Watch presenter, Ian Alleyne in the driver’s seat. Police searched the vehicle and Alleyne was allowed to leave.

The suspect from Claxton Bay was taken into custody. During the exercise which was spearheaded by Senior Supt Deodath Dulalchan and ASP Zamsheed Mohammed of the Southern Division, officers also seized a Winchester rifle.

Not to put a fine point on it, but this is why dunceys have Trinidad and Tobago consistently ranked as Third World.

The SUV was ‘hotly pursued’ up one highway onto another… those who know Trinidad will realise that is a distance of many miles… half the length of the island nearly. Hotly pursued indicates to me that the  vehicle was travelling at a high speed (also supported by the words ‘high speed chase’) and ignoring calls (sirens, loudspeaker etc) for it to stop. It also indicates to me that road regulations were breached. Considering the involvement of aerial support, it would have cost a lot financially as well.

So why was the driver, Alleyne, allowed to go free? Why was he not charged for breach of road regulations, failure to stop/obey a police officer etc? Why was he not also charged with aiding a wanted felon in an escape attempt? Is it because he has a ‘crime watch’ show on national television and he would bring down ‘fire and brimstone’ on the head of these officers? Is it because he has Om Lalla as his lawyer?

I have no answers for these questions. If any good citizen out there knows, please enlighten us.