24 Sept 2011

Sick! Sick!! SiCk!!!!

These days I’m always apprehensive to look at Dongkey Rock newspapers. And lo and behold when I do venture to take a peek, I’m assaulted by the atrocity of some crime.

This one is about a mother and teenage daughter, who were gang raped in the small hours of the morning. The teenage daughter was made to take a shower by the evil gang, after she was raped. The teenager suffered trauma requiring surgery.

Well, if I had taken my daughter dong dey to live and she was raped like that – I would be wrecked by guilt for the rest of my life. I’d probably turn to booze and eventually commit suicide. I just couldn’t stand the shame, guilt and self-blame for my total stupidity.

Ketchin’ dee rapists? Look doh make meh cuss here nuh!! What ketchin rapists goin’ do – reverse the rape and the trauma. Allyuh mad no ass!!!

I had said to all Rock crawlers some time ago, ‘Build that raft and leave!’. Today I repeat my plea. Had the mother and teenager heard my plea and taken action this would never have happened. But the trouble wid Rockians is they actually believe that the chance of them being raped or murdered is small.. keh..keh..keh dey go!! “Who go want tuh rape me – eh?” – dey go! Now you know why I harden my heart!