20 Sept 2011

Spelling bee

Inaccuracies from the Express website, sent in by a diligent reader…

express please check your spelling before printing. the guy was FINE [fined] $1500 for breaking the curfew not FIND!!

the right for all citizens to bare [bear] arms

police constables office clerks and nursing assistants should bare [bear] the cost

He has to take the moat [mote] out of his own eye also

What a bunch of crock

Kamla is digging whole for her self [herself]

consuming your body at such a rapped paste [rapid pace]?

If we are not loosing our children to gangsterism, we are loosing them through our deplorable health system.

this present govt is loosing all credibility

Airports auger [augur] well for our future

the people who create the breathing [breeding] ground for mosquito

younger ones who are more venerable[vulnerable]  to this illness

our conspiry [conspiracy] theory

it doesn't matter if the vermints [vermin] have two legs or four

the unions will be thought [taught] a rude lesson in this country.

Just when I taught [thought] the show was over

These men, and not the State needs to be thought [taught] a lesson.....

I have not saw [seen] any one

How dear [dare] you refer to him as a monster!

I know that the following statement is misplaced but I do grave [crave] your indulgence

advised her to thread [tread] carefully when you are dealing with the people

be careful how they are threading on this one

257 murders since Jan 1st 2011 is not exceptable [acceptable].

Watson Duke is a A1 Bonified [bona fide] Sellout

All of a sudden Duke is an armature [amateur]?

Bible story about king Beltshazzar, mighty king of Babylon

They better check Duke out for dengue, he sounding feverish and a bit dissilusional [delusional].

the man can't see a large Grand Piano in plain site [sight],

then shoot everything in site [sight]

its it’s not economically rite [right]

As much as I am appauled [appalled] by the crime situation

when they they was [were] in oppersition [opposition] they said they had they receipt [recipe] to solve crime

onlookers gathered on the pavement along Frederick Street to take a peak [peek] at the presentation

start putting things into PROSPECTIVE [perspective]

I greave [grieve] with this mother

the wreck less [reckless] way those people who rented them were driving was ridiculous

I never jeopordise [jeopardize] the safety of others

get rid of the obsticles [obstacles] in the way

these fools really think that most off them are larger than life. and they are invinciable.

we are on the right part [path]

I expect to see all the bandits that you know in jail; at lease [least] for interrogation.

They can't just hurdle [herd]  these men like cattle.

Well yes I've seen it all Kamla wave she wond [wand] and crime gone.

 It is a rear [rare] attribute

Gibbs seems to be at a lost [loss]

a small lost [loss] in trade

Expats enters third world countries, demand large renumeration [remuneration] and leave without

Squeeze them by the balls they will sing like cannery [canary]

Mr Khan......most rather to be a sheep, instead of a Sheppard [shepherd].

Their [There] are many democratic criminals

The PP Gov't and the police are working there [their] hardest

the cause for many to lose there [their] money

A slam dung [dunk] is just to shake

pending an inditement [indictment] and trial

he and Vonley just getting a big orgasim [orgasm] off of this

Big fish is not sadine [sardine]

Throw the book at these miscreants who reek [wreak] havoc on

the Indians and Syrians continue to reign [wreak] havoc in their own way

Sasha didn't threathen the life of a Prime Minister. People let's get serious, many of us will go after someone who threathens the life

fixing these systemic flaws takes TIME, PATIENCE and WEREWITHAL [wherewithal]..

They have managed to stare [steer] us away

Mr Manning and the PNM government stared [steered] this country through tough economic times

very little is done to stare [steer] them in the right direction

individual that they beleaved [believed] is involved

Do you here [hear] them, … Here [Hear] this.

they will hired a lawyer

step up to the occassion this time

a society dependant [dependent] on handouts like CEPEP

Weather [Whether] the use of force or coercion

the full adherance [adherence] and eventuall hopefull outcome

quest for civilieze [civilized] resolution .

After azll what are [is] the use of our various armbits [ambits (?)] of checks & balances?

when all those big countries were reelling under recession

Unknown to them that in lest [less] than a year

your ungreatfulness [ungratefulness]

Foreign investers [investors] want security and stability

1) NO FIU to catch them
2) Open
Boarders [borders]

20,000.00 US and a cell phone is no small feet [feat]

in water past waste [waist] height at this time

alledged criminals

Can you imagine a Colombian gicing a currier [courier] 20 million worth

going to hell in a hang basket [handbasket]

Jail is a God sent [godsend] to these people

a definite physcopath [psychopath]

they throwing yuh other [under] the bus

these dogs are not borne vicious

Pitbulls need to be banded [banned]

senseless and airbrained [harebrained] owners of these viscious [vicious] animals

not enough to eleviate [alleviate] poverty

PROBLEM to be dealth with

kill the wonton [wanton] negativity of the nay sayers [naysayers].

It crawls my skin [makes my skin crawl]

Corporate law is supposd [supposed] to be separate [separate] from criminal law

WE thank the PM and the PP for ceasing [seizing] the moment to take back our nation