22 Sept 2011

St Cyr and censor

In response to this article, I posted the following comment on the Express’ website, only to be censored twice!

On Thursday Dec 16th, 2010, the Express printed an advertisement from the IC,  a list of all those persons who failed to file their integrity declaration forms. Many, many persons were board members whose lapse went back several years.

This list, which I have in my possession, includes Paula Gopee-Scoon, Marlene McDonald, Howard Chin Lee, Brigid Annissette-George, Gary Hunt, kelvin Ramnath and Chandresh Sharma. Included also was Carol Hernandez, Solicitor General.

I want to ask St Cyr when will these persons file their declaration or have they done so? I will also remind him that despite all the names on this list (there appear to be a couple of hundred at least!), former opposition Leader Basdeo Panday remains the ONLY PERSON charged under this ACT!! The only one in 10 years, mind you. As the Chairman of the IC, does he offer an explanation?