3 Sept 2011

Where morons dare…

In response to one of the most moronic articles I read for a long, long time….

An article pandering to the emotive and popular ignoramuses...

For example, (and I will only make one small point):

In the second instance, a self-imposed curfew, by definition, is imposed by the self; it is voluntary. Those who choose to stay indoors at night choose to so do rather than having to do so for fear of arrest and detention.

The 'self-imposed' curfew isn't actually voluntary. It is self-imposed because the citizens are at GREAT risk of crimes while outside. Inside, some (the majority?) still have some protection from locked doors/windows and burglar proofing.

How many times have we heard of kidnappings/murders at the gate, even in early hours of the evening or sometimes daylight? This rises almost without end as the night falls.

How many murders/assaults/rapes inside the home, under guise of 'police!'?

This article merely panders to those who believe their 'rights' are abrogated. The same people who do not understand what a right is, and even worse, do not understand the responsibilities that come with those rights.

I wrote previously:

The typical Trinidadian/Tobagonian is a rubber-lipped, gum-bumping buffoon, clearly devoid of basic intelligence, and/or basic education; eager to venture opinion on matters in which s/he has little understanding, training or education. To make it worse, they demonstrate little evidence of critical thinking. And I say this with the utmost regard for the evidence they provided to justify this opinion.

Whether columnists or not, I see little reason to change my opinion.