22 Oct 2011

Confused no ass!!

Well here I go again. My first response to this front page was (in my mind), “They’re a bit young to be Gate Crashers or part of gang related violence.. what’s their photos got to do with the headline?


My Rock-hugging friends would prefer to label me with Asperger’s syndrome, than to admit that they, their mentality and the mentality of Rock crawlers collectively, along with the media – are confused no ass!!

Look, for me it’s a straight case – the size of photo and it’s contents should have some relevance to the headlines. But that’s only if you suffer with Asperger’s syndrome – like me – I’m told. Well I know what the ‘looks’ mean – I’ve been in therapy! LOL.

What I’m led to understand is that on a godforesaken rock, Rock-crawlers can form associations that have no relevance to anything – and that the media totally understand this.

So I’m the odd man out. Well that’s another reason I can’t return to the Rock. So there!!