20 Oct 2011

Cookies, pigs and trough


It is sickening, this feeding frenzy that was UDeCOTT’s typical unsupervised behaviour. Imagine, a $3.2M bill for “macaroon, almond, oatmeal cookies, mixed sushi, salmon, spicy negiri, pina coladas, pork chops, lamb chops, fish, curry meals, virgin banana and caviar. It even included Duracell batteries.”

I cannot even begin to describe my disgust. The corruption that is rampant in Trinidad and Tobago resulted in a downgrading of its financial status worldwide, yet it seems acceptable to all ‘PNM-till-ah-dead’ types.

Neelanda Rampaul was in a league of her own, and if the rumours were right, ably assisted by top PNM officials in the massive rape of the treasury. My disgust is such I cannot get into this topic, lest I fart fire here. I gone.