1 Oct 2011

Dunceyer and Dumberer

People will think I pick on dunceys deliberately, but Oh Mighty Fadder man, they do make themselves targets. Just when I think one took the bar as low as it could get, another comes along to prove that he could beat the previous record. handicap parking

Check this out… a duncey gives a man a ticket for parking in a ‘wheelchair parking’ spot. Now, I doh know where people does build wheelchair parking facilities so I was lil confused. The confusion was cleared up when I realised the duncey mistook the disabled parking symbol for a wheelchair parking area.

Ramessar said the police constable told him that the parking spot, which has the image of a wheelchair painted on the ground, was reserved for a wheelchair and not for his car, which is specially modified to allow him to drive, using only his hands.

As one man asked: Was the policeman expecting someone to park his wheelchair there and then walk to his office?

I have to give credit where it is due… they always have a diverse piece of dotishness… meaning no 2 stories are the same… and they always good for a laugh, usually the belly-bussing type that comes from deep in yuh belly.

All joke and fun aside, I am appealing for the Commish or PSC or whoever in charge of it, please put the dunceys back in short pants uniforms. Is since dey get long pants dey feel dem is ‘man’ and behaving bad. And take away the guns.