13 Oct 2011


Once more, irrefutable proof of Jack Warner’s corrupt practices are exposed to the world. This time, it is not the BBC’s Andrew Jennings, but the UK’s Telegraph newspaper. This time, it is a video which though not directly of Jack, has his unique ‘lispy’ voice discussing payments to be made by Mohammad Bin Hammam, the former FIFA vice-president. You may recall Bin Hammam was banned from football for life after the bribery attempt and it resulted in Jack’s own demise within FIFA.

Now, any search for Jack Warner on this blog, will detail numerous ways that Jack’s ethics fall short. But as I pointed out to the Captain this morning, people who smell don’t usually know they smell.

By the way, I could think of no other title to this post other than what I posted. Because Warner has totally fucked himself, and if the PP government does not cut him loose after this, I see them sliding down to ignominy and a big election loss. They will become even less of an entity than the NJAC.

I leave you with the entertainment below.

And the truth… shall set you free!